It definitely takes a village to make art these days. Here is a list of those generous people and businesses who have helped support the film so far. THANKS A MILLION!!!!


  • Our Kickstarter Campaign donors who made this possible!
  • Kevin, Montrale, Deb, Renee, Travis, Wayne, Devonn, Megan and the dummies : )
  • Rita Darby for her medical consulting
  • Homer S. Wade of Borum, Wade and Associates, P.A. for the PERFECT location on so many levels and the easy working relationship — This great space is for Lease check it out!
  • Charlie and Ruth Jones at “The Grub”
  • Mike Trogdon, Sr., Mike Trogdon, Jr., Tim Coble and Charles Compton at Max G. Clapp, Inc. for the desks, filing cabinets and the moving!!!
  • Kathleen Kelly Thompson for her rockin’ artwork of Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai
  • Wayne Williams and David Vasquez at Kona Guitars for the excellent “Guitar for Dummies” pack WWW.KONAGUITARS.COM also visit them on Facebook
  • Tom and Joanie at Rock ‘n Aroma for the very cool and fragrant guitar air fresheners
  • Anna Blumenthal at New Bay Media for the bitchin’ stash of “Guitar World” magazines WWW.GUITARWORLD.COM
  • David Reavis for his amazing “mofo” guitar lick
  • Michael McGlothlen for the killer guitar artwork on posters


  • Bill and Julie Packard for their pasture location
  • The Artery Gallery on Spring Garden for the poster mounting
  • Lou and the “boys” for the use of their Mayflower crib
  • Stillpoint Acupuncture and Melissa Peet for the dressing gowns
  • Steve Planson at the Computer Consignment Shop (Planson’s Answers) for the techie stuff
  • Rick Walters and Dave King at Synergy Recycling in Madison, NC for more techie stuff

THANKS (Our Fans):

  • Mickey Flynn and Kylie Kavanaugh for the medical garb
  • Hollis Gabriel for the awesome brown fedora and the funky clothing
  • Kelly Wall for the keyboard
  • Sarah Strable for the mic stand and Steven Tyler scarf
  • Nisha Coffey for the snack donations
  • Zineb Bouloudene for the sad dead roses
  • Tim Matson for the gaming gear
  • Michael van Vuuren for the gaming gear
  • Bryan Wall for the classical guitar
  • Bo Weaver for taking the cubicles out of our way

THANKS  to the “Pretty Paper” Donors:

  • Steve at Kayrod Printing in Greensboro
  • Mary Eaffley at Greensboro Printing
  • Animal Rescue and Foster Program of North Carolina
  • Andrea Cox
  • Aramie Bloom’s dad
  • Bill and Cathy Cissna
  • Charlene Martin
  • Chris Tilley
  • Heather Cole
  • Jason Pierce
  • Jean Burns Pudlo
  • Jeni Powell
  • Katie Wall
  • Linda Golden
  • Lisa Lopez
  • Maggie Meriwether
  • Mark Wagoner
  • Mike Malaska
  • Nancy Buk-Rodenbach
  • Neil Shepherd
  • Rachel Golden
  • RJ Baer
  • Rob Taylor
  • Sarah Glover
  • Sharon Pierce
  • Shawn Dowdee
  • Sheri Masters
  • Suzanne Vaughn
  • Yvonne Truhon

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